Primus - MicronTrail Piezo Stove // Piezo Igniter NOT Working

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Ultralight and compact, the Micron Trail Stove is the stove of choice for weight conscious backpackers.

This compact trekking stove folds down to a small 57mm x 68mm package that easily fits into almost any pack pocket. Just unfold and attach your Micron Trail Stove onto your gas canister and you can have your lightweight stove up and running in a matter of minutes. The narrow high speed flame is wind resistant and provides a 2600W flame that can boil a liter of water in three and a half minutes.

Easily break down your stove by simply removing the burner, folding and stowing it in it’s nylon storage bag (included).

If you aren’t sure where your travels might take you, the Micron Trail Stove Duo fits both threaded (Lindal) and non-threaded canister valves. Perfect for the global traveler who need to use gas canisters with different types of connections.

To get the most consistent flame and flow of fuel from your gas canister (from full to empty) the Micron Trail Stove Regulated Piezo is the best option – delivering in any type of weather.


  • Our most lightweight backpacking stove.
  • Pot supports fold down making for a compact, pocket size stove.
  • Oversized and foldable control valve for precise flame control.
  • Narrow high speed flame for wind resistance.
  • Available in Duo-version, fitting both threaded (Lindal) and non-threaded canister valves.
  • Available in a regulated valve-version to ensure consistent fuel output for the life of the canister in any type of weather.

  • Comes with a nylon storage bag.
  • Invented in Sweden, made in Europe.
  • Gas NOT included.