Leatherman - Standard Tool Adapater - Super Tool 200 - Made in USA

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Tool Adapters make your favorite Leatherman tool even more versatile by quickly converting it to a ¼`` hex drive. Standard Tool Adapter fits PST, PST II, Super Tool 200, Sideclip, Flair and Pulse. Wave (Universal) Tool Adapter fits Wave as well as Charge, Blast, Fuse and Kick. Sold as a kit with six hex bits and case. Also available in a combination sheath with Super Tool 200 and Wave.

- Provides standard ¼ inch hex drive
- Locks in three positions
- Includes six popular screw bits with the Standard Kit
- Can be used with the Sideclip, Super Tool®, PST Il®, PST®, Flair, or Pulse
- Includes hole for lanyard attachment
- Angled drive permits greater access to tight spots
- Convenient sheath allows all items to be carried on your belt
- Hole for attachment to a lanyard helps prevent loss
- Length: 3.25 in. / 8.3 cm extended - Weight: 1.6 ounces / 45 grams
- Materials: 100% stainless steel