Led Lenser - P7 Quattro 4 Colour Torch

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This sturdy torch is four-fold suitable for hunting and fishing. Because the "QC" in its name stands for "Quattro colour" and refers to its four practical light colours: normal white light, red light for glare-free night vision, green light for observing the game and blue light for tracking. If required, you can even send out signals to the P7QC. You can, therefore, react correctly to every situation - or simply light up the forest path in front of you.



LED Configuration - 1 x Multicolor LED
Luminosity - 1MAX 220 lm - MIN 40 lm
Lighting Range - 1MAX 60 m - MIN 20 m
Battery Duration - 1MAX 20 h - MIN 3 h

Battery and Casing:

Battery - 4 x Micro (AAA) 1.5V
Battery Capacity - 27.50 Wh
Water Resistance - IPX7
dust resistance - IPXX
Rechargeable - No

Height and Weight:

Length (defocused) - 133 mm
Head Diameter - 37 mm
Weight - 175 g